DocsCorp is provider of productivity software for document management professionals. DocsCorp tools are integrated with mayor DMS providers like Worldox, NetDocuments and OpenText eDOCS DM. DocsCorp extends document processing, review, manipulation and publishing workflows inside and outside their environment to drive business efficiency and to increase the value of their existing technology investment Make edit changes to your PDF with the pdfDocs Text Edit, or Image Edit tool.

You can also add, delete or re-arrange pages; split files to comply with e-filing or email file size requirements. Never retype another document again. With pdfDocs you can convert PDF documents to Word or text format. DocsCorp also offers pdfDocs Binder to create PDF binders integrating several documents in a single PDF, contentCrawler to OCR all the documents in your DMS, cleanDOCS to remove metadata, compareDOCS to compare document versions (including image files) and compareDOCS SDK to integrate comparison capabilities to your existing application.

cleanDocs consists of two modules – cleanDocs Desktop and cleanDocs Mobile. They can be deployed independently or together for a more comprehensive metadata removal solution. compareDocscompares documents with incredible accuracy, reliability and speed across all document types. It compares Word documents as well as PDF documents. It even compares Word to PDF documents for any change or difference.

compareDocs integrates with business applications and systems to give unparalleled levels of efficiency in the document comparison process. The compareDocs product is delivered as an SDK (Software Development Kit) for integration with other server or workstation-based software applications. compareDocs can be run from a command line in a batch file or can be called by applications written in a variety programming languages through a rich API (Application Programming Interface).


  • PDFDocs Binder
  • ContentCrawler
  • PDFDocs
  • CleanDocs
  • CompareDocs SDK
  • ContentCrawler Cloud
  • CompareDocs Cloud
  • CompareDocs


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