NetDocuments is a 100% cloud-based document management system. This is ideal if you want to avoid investments on new hardware. Even tough is cloud-base it provides full integration with MS Office and windows applications at desktop level.

Combining Power and Simplicity

NetDocuments offers a powerful suite of tools for document creation, organization, and editing, including integrations with Microsoft Office applications. Combining these powerful tools with easy to use features and applications for users of all skill level will allow for smarter document management within the office.

Key Features:

  1. Organization – Organize documents across cabinets, tags, folders, or workspaces across the firm’s global repository.
  2. Enterprise Search – Search across cabinets or the entire repository with full-text enterprise search, including search analysis, metadata, phrase, and proximity searching that supports Boolean operators, lemmatization, and spell checking.
  3. Work with documents – Create, edit, and collaborate on documents with full version control, locking, and rights provisioning.
  4. Document permissions and customizable user access – Grant or restrict access and edit rights to individuals or user groups at the cabinet, folder, metadata, or document level.
  5. Integrations – Work smarter with seamless integrations with Microsoft Office and Adobe for easy opening, saving, and editing.
  6. Records Management and Retention Policies – Manage your records and entire document lifecycle with customizable retention policies, litigation hold, and imaging services.

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