Opentext eDOCS DM it’s one of the pioneers on the legal document management arena. The new eDOCS DM 10 it’s an integrated system that integrates seamlessly with Windows explorer to add document management capabilities, you can also use eDOCS DM integrated from Outlook or the Web interface.

The Business Challenge
Organizations tend to suffocate in content, the costs of controlling it increase dramatically and often the work doubles, triples or worse. Additionally the information is dispersed into various folder classifications such as client mail boxes, online network and physical files; to be provided with all the information of a case it is necessary to extract documents from all of these sources.

OpenText eDOCS DM Checklist

  • Access information via intuitive content management interfaces for the web, desktops, and mobile devices
  • Create and manage documents via standard content authoring and email productivity tools
  • Easily search and retrieve information with advanced search technology, including full-text, search term highlighting, metadata, document summarization, and result clustering
  • Secure content assets using a flexible model with up to nine different levels of permissions to control document access
  • Generate customizable reports for analysis and auditing of content assets
  • Reduce cost of ownership through central deployment and administration, including program updates
  • Rapidly configurable repository for metadata capture and the creation of forms used for content profiling and searching
  • Scalable architecture ensures consistent system availability


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