WORLDOX GX® It’s an integrated solution for document management that organizes, controls, stores, index and categorizes electronic documents, files and e-mail. WORLDOX GX integrates directly with MS Office, E-mail systems, practice management software and document scanning.

WORLDOX GX offers users an attractive interface that it’s really easy to use. It includes functions that allow access to the documents very rapidly, as well as ways to organize documents in a simple and suitable form. All the stored documents are automatically indexed by all content; with this the user can search for any field, word or phrase contained in the document or profile. Worldox GX works in Windows, Web, Mac and mobile devices. Can be installed on your office or on the CLOUD.

Productivity Suite. Workflow, Task Reminder, Event Notify, DocsCorp pdfDOCS and DocsCorp compareDOCS.

Sony Digital Paper. A lightweight pad to work with electronic documents as if they ware paper documents.


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