Create custom apps for your unique business needs.

Zoho Creator allows you to create almost any type of system customized for your business. Once the template is created, Zoho Creator automatically fills the template with your data.

There are thousands of uses for creating custom templates across different departments, including legal, sales, marketing, and everything else!

Zoho Creator offers you several options to create your own application from scratch by adding blank forms, importing a file and even installing a pre-built application from the Zoho Creator application gallery.

Here are the 3 options that Zoho Creator offers you to create your application:

• Create application from scratch – Create your application from scratch by adding a blank form and dragging and dropping the required fields.
• Importing a file – Create your application by importing xls, xlsx, CSV, TSV, ODS, or ds files.
• Select from Application Gallery – Create your application by selecting an application ready to use from the Zoho Creator gallery.


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