Aptus Legal Systems Launches In Mexico As Oppositions System Solution

Given the importance that has taken the reform of the Industrial Property Law, which brings the Opposition system, Aptus Legal Systems was given the task of offering a solution to highlight registered Gazette brands that have phonetic similarities to varying degrees, compare their classes according to the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), and give the applicant an accurate and immediate information on similar marks.

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This Opposition system is giving several evolution benefits to the Industrial Property Law, as recorded in Gazette brands will have a period of one month to receive objections to such registration, and subsequently the IMPI must publish within ten working days of the list of requests for registration opposition. There will be a non-renewable for the applicant to state its reasons, impediments or claims regarding the registration of that mark month. Applications are received by examiners to conduct a background study about and assess the situation.

This reform will give the opportunity to others to express their opposition to registration of a mark which it considers affects their intellectual property, nonexistent option in Mexico so far, and which involved several subsequent legal process to register the mark to express the opposition and its reasons.

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With this premise, the Oppositions System Solution of Aptus Legal Systems is an excellent partner for the review of the registered Gazette marks, running phonetics and class of the same comparison, greatly reducing the protocols to be made for such management and offering the examiner a very useful time to meet delivery requests and organize opposition arguments tool.

This system has been created to simplify the review process and organization of the opposition and can easily analyze the records Gazette published, making detailed comparisons and presenting a simple and organized results list with the conclusions.