Alternatives For iPhone Security

Smartphones have become a vital part of our everyday life, to manage work, and personal and aspects anytime and anywhere. The amount of personal information we keep in these intelligent devices can get us in trouble if they are lost, stolen or hacked. Therefore, it is important to be aware of how security works on iPhones.

For your peace of mind, iPhone’s come with an operating system designed to maintain the security of information on them with three main mechanisms presented at the BlackHat 2016 Conference: HomeKit, Auto Unlock and iCloud Keychain. These technologies are able to sensitively manage user data devices in your home and can even unlock a Mac from the Apple Watch.

The iPhone comes with a cryptographic design protection, such as the processor Security Code and implementation of secure synchronization for the transfer of confidential data between two devices, or to recover your data if you lose or they stealyour phone.

Apart from that, the IOS operating system comes with security methods to locate your phone if lost or stolen, and if you try to access erroneously placing the password 3 times, the document security is maintained in the cloud, eliminating completely the device, and thus guarding the information confidentiality.

But if the security of the operating system is not enough to be sure, many technology engineers have put the tardea to devise the best solutions to ensure maximum safety and protection information on our iPhones. Here are the best alternatives:

HFolder 1 - Aptus Legal Systems - Using solutions designed for legal law firms

1-.HiFolder is a free application whose main distinction is to provide a password disguise, which will hide the data for its someone is being forced to enter, manage folders and personalized password for each pattern lock and a special feature to hide files . On the other hand, it lets you manage files and take photos from the app to save data transmission.

1passephoto - Aptus Legal Systems - Using solutions designed for legal law firms

2-. Passe is a free application that generates a high level of security in the files stored on the Smartphone. Generates secure and random passwords for each account from the app, you can sync with iCloud all information and files self-destruct if it is a lost or stolen device. It also offers a fast search engine, a pattern customized security to enter the application and can use the camera and voice recorder from the application itself, keeping data secure.

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3-.Secretumis a free application that provides security by creating a false password to access a profile in which only the prio information selected by us is displayed, while the other data, files and others will be completely protected.

Keeper - Aptus Legal Systems - Using solutions designed for legal law firms

4-. Keeper is a free application which can be stored all types of documents and information 100% secure, and sharing data securely with other selected users with the application, from a vault to another without endangering your computer security.

JAPC - Aptus Legal Systems - Using solutions designed for legal law firms

5-. Jefe avanzado para contraseñasis a free program for keeping organized and under the highest security all passwords currently have to remember. They’re stored under password, and is compatible with any type of data to be stored (e, passwords, access to web pages, e-mail, links and even voice memos). What stands out most of this app is its navigation system for quickly and intuitively search of the different data we’re looking for.

Is better to complement iPhone’s security with applications in line with your security needs, so you can be sure that our confidential information is fully protected.