Best technological tools for new entrepreneurs

Technology, since its inception, has entered the business world as a key factor of productivity, which is logical due to the support it can exercise in any organization from various aspects. The new entrepreneurs also analyze technological tools to help them take off their business in the fastest and most efficient way.

The Internet, as a network system to facilitate communications and daily tasks, is key in all industries today. And with the Internet, tools appear in the Cloud to not only make companies more effective, but also make them not depend solely on a physical space to be able to develop. With technology we can connect online where we want and when we want, breaking paradigms about the business structure of yesteryear.

The end of the technological tools focused on business use is to achieve the maximum potential that a company has with its human capital organized and focused on the objectives. With technology, you can better organize customer transactions, document management, accounting and finance, order tracking, number of clients, communications, and much more. With the technological tools put in place, more precision, productive quality and profitability in the company’s income are guaranteed.

Technological Tools and their functions

  • CRM: with this tool the management and the relationship with current and potential clients is facilitated, strategies and follow-ups can be organized to focus on the growth of the company and its pipeline. We recommend Aptus CRM because it is a simple and very effective tool to keep the relationship and interaction with clients up to date, follow up and optimize relationships.
  • Email Marketing: create an efficient database that is interested, through permission marketing, in knowing about the news of the company and the information it shares. It is the best way to create bonds with customers, promote the brand and sell. We recommend the specialized tools for sending email marketing such as Doppler, Mailchimp, Emblue, etc., because they help to better understand the email marketing strategy and optimize campaigns, automate emails and keep the database updated and refined. Most offer free versions.
  • Document Management System: Every company has documents, and here is the importance of this system. Maintaining documents with maximum security, being able to access them from anywhere, monitoring who manipulated them, what changes were made, getting them quickly, etc., is one of the great benefits of having a system like these. At Aptus we offer different systems, which are used for small, medium and large companies, are sold by the user. Some are: NetDocuments, OpenText, Worldox, DocsCorp
  • Financial Management Systems: Whether you have a small, medium or large company, daily finances are your great ally for your company to grow or maintain. Knowing how much goes monthly, how much has not gone, what you spent, how much money goes to payroll, suppliers, etc., is the best tool to define how you can optimize expenses and if your expenses are consistent with your strategy of growth and profitability . We recommend Aptus Financials because it not only helps you to organize all the accounting and finances of your company, but you can integrate it with other systems such as your CRM, in order to keep the information of the clients updated and organized.
  • Website: Every company needs your digital presentation card, this is where you are going to put who you are, what you do, what services / products you offer and how they can buy you. Following an optimal web architecture, looking for the navigability of your website to be effective and to take the visitor where you are interested is the great secret. It is also important to have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to appear at the top of the search results, and beat the competition. We recommend using web page hostings such as WordPress, which is very easy to use, you do not need to be a programmer to create your page, it offers dynamic and adaptable (responsive) templates for different devices.
  • Web Analytics: knowing how your brand is being perceived, if those who are searching for you on the Internet are actually those who will become customers. It is vital to know how people find you and if the information you have on your website effectively explains what you offer and how to get it. We recommend Google Analytics, since it is the most effective tool to monitor web traffic, and optimize according to your results how to improve your digital presence.
  • Communications Applications: Ideal to expand your company, you can have video conferences with clients from other cities, be traveling and communicate with your work team, make remote conferences and be aware of everything that happens when you are not present. We recommend the solutions of Unified Communications, Enterprise Productivity and Videoconferencing of C3ntro Telecom.
  • Document Sharing Solutions: To be able to share files, encrypt them for greater security, track versions and changes made by your collaborators, and more are the great advantages of having a solution like this. Also to share contracts, and information with your customers. We recommend Workshare as a great tool to share files in the cloud, save them and keep them protected.

You can start with one or several tools of the previously mentioned to enhance the functionality and growth of your company. In the end, you will see how you need to have the support of these technological tools for the success of your company.