DocsCorp And NetDocuments Launch New Cloud Integration

The new cloud integration provides 100% visibility and search for documents, as well as safety and comfort.

DocsCorp, a global leader in creating software document management, announced the integration of NetDocuments, a leader in document management and cloud management email services, in its new contentCrawler solution based on the cloud, offering analysis, processing and presentation structure. It runs on the Microsoft Azure platform, and can be downloaded also from there.

This integration is a faster and safer processing solution, because the files are not downloaded in the computer. The solution is faster, and because it works in the cloud, it does not require an infrastructure for installation.

ContentCrawler and NetDocuments services integrate seamlessly

integracion netdocuments con docscorp 300x199 - Aptus Legal Systems - Using solutions designed for legal law firms

The NetDocuments cloud-based DMS solution makes it easier for firms to have integration with productivity, efficiency, safety and compliance when organizing their documents and emails. However, companies with image-based files and scanned documents can not make the most of the search engine text-based NetDocuments benefits. With contentCrawler, images that are converted into PDF files can easily be indexed by the search engine, improving the ability of storing and searching for files.

With contentCrawler will be possible to search and retrieve all documents that could not be stored in NetDocuments, even the ones downloaded by email, by filtering them automatically, and presenting the documents requested in NetDocuments. So the great integration of the two solutions is achieved.

ContentCrawler currently supports two services: OCR and compression. In the compression module, documents are identified compressible to reduce storage space and / or discharge costs. ORC locates and converts documents that are not searchables because they are based on images in NetDocuments, and converts them in smaller and indexable PDF files. IT administrators can combine both modules for greater efficiency and productivity.

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