How To Offer A Legal Personalized Service With Technology

Do a Google search for complaints about LegalZoom and, as of November 16th, you’ll get about 39,500 results. Now Google complaints about LegalZoom from attorneys. You’ll see that figure shoot to just under half a million (483,000 currently). Attorneys have been slamming legal tech companies like LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer for years.

It makes sense. Attorneys are feeling priced out. Like some old-school print journalists who bemoan the internet, some old-school attorneys blame LegalZoom for snatching up the market. But instead of cursing the Digital Age, why not use it to your advantage?

Let’s take a closer look at legal tech companies. We’ve learned that consumers prefer subscription-based pricing over hourly rates, on-demand access to services and pain-free processes. Tech companies beat traditional law firms in pricing and efficiency, hands down.

But what would happen if you could use technology to automate tasks, drastically lower your prices and keep giving personalized advice to your clients? You’d have an undeniable competitive advantage over the online companies you’ve been complaining about. The choice for consumers would be clear, and your firm would bring in exponentially more clients than ever before.

Jeffrey Unger is an attorney and CEO of a niche law firm that forms and maintains business entities for creatives and entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry. In the last 12 years, He has invested $3 million in developing a custom software system for his firm.

To know more about his story, how he introduced the technology in his firm and the amazing results, see the full article here.