The Future Of Unified Communications

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The micro and Small companies business communication are achieved using different platforms, being the basic one voice communication and then email, but if we are looking for mobility, you need messages platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Telegram or Gmail Messenger.

As the organization grows significantly, this type of solution becomes a problem because the company has different communication channels that do not allow a control of the information flow, and in some cases, the data theft represents a disadvantage in terms of competitiveness.

Jonathan Reid, Chief Executive of Emerging Markets in BroadSoft, talked about the new technologic wave that will allow companies to unified their communications no matter the infrastructure they have implemented.

“One of the many advantages of working in the cloud is the integration of all types of communication tools, from e-mail, VoIP, PBX, teleconferencing, instant messaging, collaboration platforms, all of which can be concentrated in one platform without need to use the same provider, operating system or web platform, “said the Executive.

According to IDC proyections about this indistry, unified communications will grow 30% between 2015 and 2017 globally, which will represent a market value of 27.000 millon of dollars.

The biggest increase will be generated voice over IP communications, and one of the trends being shown in this sector is the adoption of cloud solutions by most companies in Latin America, as is already a fact in Europe.

“As in BroadSoft we don’t have a brand strategy towards the final user, our participation is with the service providers like Cablevision, Izzi, Telmex, among others that now offer a packaging of voice, video, and data. This is where our technology is present and we have a presence in the international market of 40%. With regard to Mexico, the country is currently the sixth country in importance for BroadSoft, because in recent years user growth has increased by over 35%, “said the executive.